Depression — Self-esteem — Independence

Depression is inextricably linked to self-esteem. A self-esteem linked to independence. The usual thoughts in this period sooner or later come to the conclusion: “I am a wimp. I couldn’t do it.  I did not hold out. I did not see it on time. ” And these thoughts are not about a low self-esteem, as commonly believed, but about its complete absence.
No matter how persuade, it’s  impossible to raise a self-esteem in depression. And it’s not a right moment to raise it, but it’s a very right moment to add new qualities, new knowledge and new skills that will give new values and meanings to your life.

Also it’s not a right moment to set a sharp time frame for achieving a particular goals. The main idea should be: «Let it go as it goes. I will do it, no matter how long it takes».

During periods of depression thoughts about the future are difficult and painful. Don’t plan for the long term.
You can to raise your  self-esteem with compliments to other people. In spite of your depression start to notice the beauty around.

Faith in God  is also a way of self-help option.

Following the chain from self-esteem, we turn to the question of your independence. Develop your independence. Pharmacological antidepressants are just 100 years old, but humanity is older. Depression has been with us at all times. It was treated  with activity, a work and a development of independence.

Take an inventory of your life: What do you have? What can you do right now? It is always difficult to define your strategic zones by yourself. And it’s especially difficult during the period of depression. Don’t hesitate to use a competent psychological consultation.