A Conflict: To Avoid Or To Accede?

“If there is no conflict in your life, check to see if you have a pulse.”W. Churchill

A conflict is an integral part of human’s life. From the first day to the last we interact with other people, which means we are in a conflict. An inner tension, anxiety, anxiety, self-doubt, helplessness, lack of resources — here you are an incomplete list of reasons why we enter into conflicts of different levels: interpersonal, social, ethnic, interstate, military.

Our lives are poisoned with quarrels in the family, with colleagues, with children and friends. Is it possible to live without conflict at all?

Most of us see a conflict as a hysteria and a scandal with insults. But in reality, it’s a special form of communication that everyone needs from time to time. A conflict is absolutely normal and necessary phenomenon. It’s one of the condition of evolution. Any organism and psyche are degrading in a permanent rest and stable environment.

But do we know how to conflict? Is there a “right” conflict? Is it possible to conflict effectively, efficiently, with benefits?