How to find «your» employee?

Working with companies as an outsourcing psychologist-consultant, I increasingly hear the following questions from managers:

• What are the criteria for looking for new employees?

• What are the criteria for dropping out and reviewing existing ones?

• What qualities of the staff become leading in the new conditions of the world?

The world is changing with confidence. The conditions of the business relationship «employer-employee.» The crisis showed that not everyone will be able to work online, and those employees who remain will be reconsided.

I will definitely say that in the modern realities of life the male type of thinking is no longer effective!

Under current conditions, the selection of candidates should take into account primarily:

• Propensity for innovation

• Willingness to make decisions independently

• Willingness to take responsibility

• Multifunctionality (contrary to highly specialized!)

• Adaptive qualities in frequent changes in conditions

• Health status

As well as stress resistance and endurance, which have become so important that they sometimes outstrip claims for qualification of employees or applicants for the position.

My psy4you lifehack for selecting candidates for work:

Start reading CVs from the end, and pay close attention to the column “Hobbies and Leasure”. In the absence thereof, ask the applicants in great detail about their free time.

What are we looking for there? Sports and activities where strength is not needed, but you need to balance between the flows of the elements or the energy of the partner. Those types of physical activity where there is a need to release control to an unconscious level. For example, freestyle, kite, windsurfing, aikido, scuba diving, yoga, tai chi, pair dance. Those sports or fitness that will help develop a sense of balance, balance and flexibility. People involved in these types of activities have a different flair and a very developed intuition, understanding of the situation and a delicate feeling of the other (clients, partners, colleagues).

Top managers should also be interested in the types of activity that bring endurance in a person — the body’s ability to overcome impending fatigue. Endurance is associated with an increase in the physiological and psychological boundaries of a person’s resistance to shifts in the internal environment, with an increase in the stability of the central nervous system against fatigue caused by hard work.

Therefore, employers and headhunters should pay close attention to applicants and employees who are interested in those sports in which, like in most labor processes during the working day, aerobic reactions occur in the body, ensuring long-term productive work of relatively low power.

Sports that emphasize the development of general endurance include all cyclic sports in which physical activity lasts for a relatively long time against the background of increased oxygen metabolism in the human body: walking, long-distance running (marathon), skiing and biathlon, swimming, rowing, cycling, mountaineering, orienteering, hiking.

And, both employers and job seekers, remember that a high level of general stamina is one of the main evidence of excellent health. Today, this factor is more important than ever.