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A Single Session
Session 60-74 min
Monthly Pay
Cours of 5 session
An Urgent Session
Urgent session up to 45 min
A Single Session

One session 60-74 min

Monthly Pay
Cours of 5 sessions
An Urgent Session
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Questions & Concerns

How would I understand that I need a psychological help?
You can start with your discomfort, an acute or subtle feeling that something is wrong. If for a long time you scroll through the same thought, idea, situation in your head, but you don’t find a solution, and it’s annoys you.
Anyone who turns to a psychologist is not dumber and not more unhappy than others. As a rule, they are more informed, progressive and proactive people. They choose an effective and modern way to solve their problems through access to their deep resources, the realization of their potential
I do not know what to talk about during psychological consultations

You can think over and write down your questions / tasks / action plan or everything that disturbing you in advance. Or you can talk about a worrying topic without preparation. There is no a “correct” form. At the end, the art of hearing yourself and correctly formulating your thoughts and goals is one of the main tasks of working with a psychologist.

Can I cancel if I do not like the treatment?

It’s quite individual. It depends on the task, on the person, his/hers environment and conditions. Sometimes it’s enough one-time psychological session, when the client wants to remove the psychological discomfort only. Such work can be compared to painkillers, but the cause of the pain remains. The express work lasting 5-7 psychological consultations. Someone continues to work until the root causes. It all depends on the mood and wishes of the client. Of course, I give my recommendations, but it’s up to you.

Where to begin? How to get a psychological consultation for the first time?
The first call to the psychologist is a real challenge! What to talk about? What if my doubts are not worth attention or stupid? etc.
Just dial my number and tell about yourself and your request. We will get to know each other in advance and select a mutually suitable consultation time. If you haven’t got through, send an sms or an email, I will call you back. Sms is especially important if you need an urgent help.
How will my work with the psychologist go?

There is a standard protocol for psychological counseling. To describe it is to say nothing. The simplest explanation is that our work takes the form of a conversation, during which psychological methods will be applied that are suitable for you and your situation. That is my task. The client’s task is to make the visits regularly. The duration of the psychological consultation is 60-75 minutes. Longer consultations are tiring and ineffective. And yes, there will be a homework for you!

How to understand that I have progress in psychological work?

There are no internal changes without external ones: the circle of communication, interests, place of work, appearance, daily habits, a state of health, way of communication, etc. Not all of the above should happen. Turning your life upside down is not the goal of psychological work. Nevertheless, small, but tangible external changes be an indicator of your inner work. We are  the main reason of our problems, but the reverse is also true — we can be the cause of our better life.