You & a Career

Speaking about a career, the synonym “a social ladder” lays more for me. With this name, the almost Hamlet’s question “To build or not to build?” fade away, since it is more about the situation in a human society, about the survival instinct laid down in us by nature. It is in our genes to seek places with better conditions. And the best conditions are always at the top of the social chain. A career is about success in the life. There are various reasons for us to move to this peak. It’s not only the desire for a material well-being, but also the fight for power, the desire to be the best, a resentment  and even a simple argument with friends, or a prove to your father who never believed in you.

Why do you need a career? There is no right common answer. But there should be an honest understanding of yourself.

A career is about how we will live our lives from graduation to retirement. What are you going to do with the these most productive years? In the theory of Personnel Management, a career is the result of a person’s conscious position and behaviour in the field of work, associated with official or professional growth, i.e. career is not only a result, but also a PROCESS!

The psychological sessions will help you to figure out which area you want to be successful at,  to find out your strengths and weaknesses and pump knowledge and skills, clearly formulate your goals and achieve them, and to build your own career plan, YOUR LIFE PLAN.