Health Psychology

I like one a very short and fast psychological assessment: I ask my client to prioritise SOUL, BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. And I really enjoy answers. This very simple Psy assessment shows that few people consider themselves as a holistic personality.

According to the theory of personality, the spirit should be ahead, guided by the mind, soul. The body is their beloved child.

Psychology has become an integral part of our lives. Understanding that it is necessary to work with the soul / psyche becomes the norm. But there is a problem with the body. Its signals and requests are actively ignored by us. We mercilessly exploit our body, giving nothing in return.

At the same time, society dictates its own rules. Have you noticed that truly successful people remain active with age, they look nice and young, often around 50 years old children appear in their families? Beautiful people get everything much easier. We want to linger, stop, listening stare at a beautiful person. I unequivocally noticed that healthy and confident in their beauty people go through life’s problems easier. You can say: it’s unfair! Well, yes, it is. But we live in the world of visuals, ¾ of us perceive to accept information through eyes. So, this is more likely to be a regularity rather than an injustice imposed by the media. In addition, our brain automatically responds to beauty. Whatever we do, the brain constantly scans and search the beautiful in the world. The brain links a beauty and positive qualities. Beautiful people are considered smart, reliable, competent, hardworking. We can arbitrarily call each other for objectivity, but HEALTH & BEAUTY have become a competitive advantage and a form of a social selection. Today it is not profitable to decrease working capacity. It is not beneficial to be tired, overwhelmed, unhealthy. Uncertainty in ourselves appearance undermines a study and work performance. An unhealthy person cannot be happy or just content.

Also each of us wants to live long, to remain socially active and significant for a long time. And if someone is in a hurry to retire, well this is to do what was postponed until later, while building a career and brining up children. Old age today is not a genetically determined inevitability, but a set of physiological processes that can to be controlled.

A multidisciplinary approach to human’s body and the psyche, the connection of science and psychology give us enough tools to live actively, productively and long. The body repair system is very much depend  on the state of the soul & mind. Working with the psychologist, you can learn to beautifully, competently and effectively distribute yourself throughout life.