Insipid Life
“I don’t know how to live, everything is boring, nothing pleases me, I want nothing …”


«For last several years I live aimlessly. I start things and don’t finish them. I can’t concentrate on anything. I can’t understand what I’m really interested in.» From time to time many of us experience something similar, when nothing pleases us. Whatever we do it causes fatigue and irritation.

It is clear, there are some situations when life is difficult: illness, loss, failure. But what about when everything is alright, but life is dull and tasteless? Maybe no need to pay attention to that state of mind, and it will pass by itself?! If this lasts more than a month, it should become working for you. It will not pass by itself. Our desires, wishes and plans are making us alive. Their absence for a long time should be alarming.

There are many reasons why nothing pleases. First of all, you should make sure that the state of “reluctance” is not the result of hormonal imbalance, a chronic disease or infection /virus. See your doctor to catch a manifestation of a possible serious illness.

At the same time, we attach psycho diagnostics to identify areas of greatest tension. Working with the psychologist will help determine the fields of your life that takes away joy, evaluate your life from different angles. The psychologist will also help to find steps and actions you can take to return the taste to your life.