Parting & Losses

“… Parting is a small death.
Parting is a long way … «

This is in the song. But what about psychologicy? Unfortunately, too. Psychologically, parting, as well as moving, traveling, dismissal, break up, divorce, end of any projects, studies, large material losses and real physical death, are perceived and experienced approximately the same, and not easy. Rarely are we ready for all that. And we are definitely not trained to deal with similar situations. Disappointment, a feeling of emptiness, abandonment, loss of the meaning of life, depression, various eating and sleep disorders are guaranteed.

In addition to internal experiences, we meet a number of typical mistakes that are often made when parting. The main of which are clinging to the past and living with the hope that everything and everybody will turn back one day.

Parting is a long way … But in psychology it is not necessarily long, if parting and loss are psychologically correctly lived. Everything will end one day: a vivid relationship, interesting projects will be completed in a due time. Co-working with the psychologist will help to return to a normal life much faster and will give you a chance for new happiness.