Psy Outsoursing

The effectiveness of any business is provided by personnel. And any leader would like to have reliable and competent staff to rely on in any situation. No doubts these people exist! They are diamonds of a human resource. And as any diamond you need to find them or create yourself. Each company has a different approach to this task: someone has HR specialists, someone has an accountant who combines the functions of a human resources specialist, and somewhere the manager himself does it. We are already accustomed to a legal, accounting, IT outsourcing. And now the time to refuse from full-time HR specialists in favour of a personnel outsourcing comes!

Psychological outsourcing allows you to maintain the compactness of your company without expanding the staff of personnel, reduces the burden on management, helps to concentrate on key areas of activity and more rationally spend human and financial resources. You become more flexible by translating fixed costs into variables , which means you become more competitive.

Hence, what is the effectiveness of psychology in personnel management?

Firstly, the psychodiagnostics of the existing team and during the interview of newly hired employees. Psychodiagnostics is useful for identifying the personal characteristics of each employee, their settings and believes, protective mechanisms, internal resources and behaviour in stress. It helps to simplify a task of forming groups and improv the quality of personnel choice.

Secondly, according to the results of psychodiagnostics, the psychologist can develop an individual plan to change the behaviour model of a particular employee. This is necessary when the company does not want to lose a specialist in its field, but the existing model of his/her behaviour does not allow it to be realised in the organisation to the maximum, i.e. bring maximum profit.

Providing outsourcing a psychologist is not present every day in your company, does not discuss current and personal matters with employees, i.e. personally unbiased. Despite the fact that the psychologist is independent and is outside your company, nevertheless he regularly monitors the situation in the team, conducts regular checks and corrects changes, understands who is who and what’s happening with the staff now in terms of efficiency and performance.