Self-Esteem Issues


When I receive a client’s request about self-actualisation and a personal purpose of life, then, as a rule, it comes to finding an occupation in one’s life, a profession, or a business sphere. Everything seems to be right. But work is only a part of life. Big and important, but a part. The full picture is about much more.

Then, what is it, your  life? What are you living for? Does it bring pleasure?

The most important (and not simple) to the answers is the awareness of YOUR picture of the world, exactly your own, and not imposed by others. It is always with you, only it is sprinkled with self-deception and illusions. It must be dug up in the depth of your soul. It is also necessary to learn how to make priorities and draw up your own LIFE STRATEGY. This is the target of working with a psychologist when you are on the way to YOURSELF.