Stress Management

We are all descendants of those who could deal with stress and survived.

Stress is an important part of our daily life. Stress is a kind of incentive to activity. Without stress we become non-initiative. Stress is vital! But under the condition that stress is episodic, since long-term, chronic stress makes it difficult to adapt to constantly changing conditions and is potentially dangerous for the mental and physical health.

Increasing stress levels are one of the main reasons for seeking psychological help. Why is that? Why did we manage stress 15-20 years ago, and now not? The main factor is the growing volume of information. Us, as humans, were not created for such a flow of information: media,  Internet, social networks, advertising banners and newsletters, applications, books, magazines, data exchange at schools and at work, communication with family and friends…

Working with your psychologist, set your task to change your attitude and reaction to stress. Together we’ll also learn to listen to your body — a skill that is not very well developed in nowaday culture. All these are the  main components that make you leading in the competitive advantage today.