Why I’m not lucky in my relationships? Why do I come across certain characters in my life? Why don’t they hear me, don’t notice me? Why am I always in an unhealthy relationship? Why don’t I have friends?

When the relationship does not work out, we find explanations why: friends, colleagues, spouses do not come across in certain circumstances. We blame a cruel environment.

A happy childhood and a parental family are not a guarantee that your life will turn out well. The converse is also true: an incomplete family and problems between parents are not a sentence. Relationships are neither  given from birth, nor a talent. But this is the basis of a happy life, physical and psychological health, success. It is impossible to be financially stable without harmonious relationships with our environment.

There are spontaneous transitions to a different scenario of behaviour, as accidental recoveries sometimes happen, but on the whole it is a serious work  with an independent expert — a psychologist. There are no standard rules and algorithms. There is an individual, jewelry psychological work on yourself, your attitudes and scenarios.