Your Question

“I have a problem to articulate my thoughts, speak correctly, and choose the right words. I can’t even formulate my question to a psychologist!.. ”

This is a very common complaint of my clients, and a pretty common way our communication usually begins. Most often, this perceived by the client as an “abnormal” or even becomes a reason to postpone the first visit to the psychologist.

In vain! Start how you can, start to speak out and let it go. The task of the first psychological consultations is to help you gather your thoughts, isolate the important, and weed out the secondary. For some people it’s easier to make the first step to psychological sessions by sending  a written or a voice message describing your situation.

In addition, working with a psychologist you will learn to clearly and correctly formulate your needs and tasks in life. After all, as you know, a well-formulated question is a half way to the correct answer.